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Mike SCOTT Founder | Owner

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As we enter our 25th year at SGC I’ve had several opportunities to reflect on our original goals established back in 1998. With great pride I’m pleased that our organization has far surpassed our expectations and continue to move forward and gain the trust of our valued customers nationwide.

After spending many years in several corporate construction executive roles for Blockbuster Video and Boston Market | Einstein Bagels restaurant groups, it was apparent what corporate construction managers were looking for was a reliable general contracting firm.  

The objectives for SGC were to perform work with the highest integrity, quality of workmanship, meeting turnover dates, developing long-term trusting relationships, representing our clients’ best interests, and offering an open and honest dialog of communication during the construction process.  

As we enter our 25th year I can state with pride, we have achieved those very goals and continue to strive making sure we continue to prioritize them in the future.  

Additionally, SGC continues to have a sound working relationship with our first client (Advance America) in which are proud to continue to have sustained a great working relationship to this day.  

In closing we invite you to review our website illustrating our quality and workmanship for some of the most recognized brands in America continuing to display their trust in SGC for over 25 years.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance in your interests in SGC.

Founder & Owner SGC

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